NBA 2K15

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  • Release date: 10/7/2014
  • Developer: 2K
  • Genre: Sports
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone

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NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15

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NBA 2K15 Game Review

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Professional Review

Sports simulation on actual PS generation can be a pure pleasure. NBA 2K15, though not the freshest one for now, illustrates the difference between generations and delivers a huge selection of teams and players you can control in various modes.

Graphics: 5

The improvements make no revolution after NBA 2K14. Maybe it’s what 2014 version was supposed to be, the ideas polished and working well. Everything looks great. Players move perfectly, the ball flies where it’s supposed to, the audience reacts right, and you can even see the impressions of players’ faces. Movements make you feel like you’re watching a real game.

The soundtrack is as great as the graphics. Music supervised by Pharrell Williams, noisy audience reaction to your failure and successes, and the commentator’s voice is describing what’s going on – they all enrich the experience.

While creating your virtual representation, you can scan your face with a console’s camera. This integration makes gaming experience even more personal. But no one can guarantee you’ll like the result. Anyway, your players’ appearance will be unique.

Gameplay: 5

There’ve always been two types of acting on the playground. Either you control the whole team by switching between players (while AI regains control over ones you’ve switched from), or you create your own single player of your dream and put all your efforts to make a career with this one.

It may take a lot of time to master the nuances. The developers tried to recreate famous players’ ways alongside with their appearance, so you have to study them. Timing is everything here, due to some gameplay revamping.

The offense has a little advantage over the defense in this version, and it concerns to both teams. That brings not as much misbalance as it could, but makes the game more spectacular and dynamic.

2K15 offers even more game modes. We would emphasize My Career (you create your player from the start and lead him through victories to the top), My Park (PvP games in teams in random locations), regular team play and My Team (in fact, a Dream Team mode where you can gather all GOAT players). But it’s up to you whether you prefer to stick to a certain player or to control the whole team.

Controls: 4

Though PlayStation offers unified controls through its default controller, the system is quite complicated and depends on the situation. There are special modes for offensive or defensive actions, for basic dribble moves and advanced footwork, for passing, shooting and so on. EA Sports even offers a special tutorial page with detailed instructions.

Replay Value: 5

Like in any sports game, NBA 2K15’s replayability is almost unlimited. When you have made your career, start all over with new teammates. If you suddenly decided to spend some money on it, you can collect your own Dream Team or two and alternate them. If not, there’s always My Park with unpredictable PvP.


With relatively few new features after NBA 2K14, this game still has what we loved about the previous installation, and makes it even more elaborate.



The best basketball game of its time, NBA 2K15 is quite playable in 2018, and the only reason to skip it (if you’re into sports game at all) is proceeding to the next installments.

Pros : Even more elaborate moves
Stunning visuals
My Park, a PvP mode
Complicated but efficient controls
Great soundtrack co-produced by Pharrell Williams

Cons : Too few innovations
For old consoles some new features are unavailable

Graphics 5.0

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.8

Everyone enjoy playing this game
One of the most trending games right now!

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