MLB® The Show™ 18

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  • Release date: 3/27/2018
  • Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Genre: Sports
  • Content rating: ESRB Rating Pending

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MLB® The Show™ 18

MLB® The Show™ 18

Sony Interactive Entertainment
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MLB The Show 18 Review: Make A Career Of A Baseball Player

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Professional Review

A team from SIE San Diego Studio decided that the national and third most popular sport in America is unfairly forgotten and ignored by major developers. So they decided to present their unique baseball simulator. In this MLB the Show 18 Review we’ll prove that baseball is worth the candle.

Graphics: 4.5

Compared to the previous version, MLB The Show 18 has made a significant breakthrough in terms of the textures, facial animation, animation of strikes, and movements of the players in general. The sound is nice, too.

Gameplay: 5

The gameplay of MLB The Show 18 looks like a real baseball game. Depending on the side, you start the game from the position of attacking or defending. Before you throw the ball, you see the strengths and weaknesses of the batter. You will only need to aim or choose the type of pitch. There are four options for pitches. The remaining actions also have four control options. However, there are extra factors affecting the pitch like weather conditions. In addition to that, a player has indicators of emotions, fatigue, and physical condition. If you made a mistake several times, your pitcher will be upset, and this can easily affect further play. In the attack, the main task is to beat the pitch.

The game has several modes. In addition to online modes, the quick game, practice and management of the team you can try Road to the Show when you create their own player and help him to achieve success. In this mode, there are dialogues with the choice of the answer, training, and an opportunity to participate in championships. Users can also transfer all the achievements from The Show 17 to the new game with great difficulty and continue to play without losing progress.

Controls: 4

If you are a novice at baseball and know nothing about catchers, pitchers and home runs, start with a tutorial which will guide you through all the most important aspects of the gameplay and controls.

The rules of a baseball game vary from league to league, but in most cases, the match lasts at least nine innings, each of which fits six outs. For such busy players, MLB The Show 18 created shortened matches of three innings. In this case, the other rules of baseball in this mode do not change.

Replay Value: 4

Thanks to a simple intuitive tutorial and gameplay you’ll probably want to replay the game.


If you like to watch spectacular pitches, desperate home runs or exciting interceptions download MLB The Show 18 and enjoy baseball in all its glory. Gather a team of legendary players of past years or modern superstars in Diamond Dynasty mode or participate in home games with friends in retro mode. This game has everything you need.


This game is filled with the spirit of baseball, and real baseball fans won’t stand aside.

Pros : Nice graphics and high-quality animation;
Easy to play;
Endless opportunities for creating a player;
A number of iconic players who retired a long time ago, a nice opportunity to see the legends on the baseball again.

Cons : Emotions of players are not always natural;
Exclusively for PS4.

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.4

Everyone recommends to play it!
One of the most trending games right now!

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