Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition

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  • Release date: 8/25/2015
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Inc
  • Genre: Sports
  • Content rating: ESRB Everyone

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Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition

Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition

Electronic Arts Inc
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Madden NFL 16 Standard Edition Game Review

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Professional Review

Football games by John Madden and EA are the exclusive NFL and NFLPA partners, and it obliges. The names stand for the quality. The 16th installment (released 2015) is still of some interest, especially for those still on PS3.

Graphics: 4.5

Looking back at it from 2018, we can’t help comparing it to further installments that were designed for newer hardware. It’s hard to steer our eyes clear of these years. Though PS4 supports the game, the developers had to keep the limitations for PS3, and so the game doesn’t look drastically different on these two.

Well, the view is 3D, the motion is captured quite properly, the environment is alive, the sounds are quite natural.

Gameplay: 5

First of all, the football simulator is about on-field mechanics. When you’re in the field with your team in regular mode, you control it all (like in most ball games, you switch automatically to controlling the player that has the ball or is the closest to it, all the others are AI-controlled).

The AI and the player’s options have been reworked to provide more freedom in critical moments. Players in different positions have learned some new moves. For example, when passing the ball, you have an option of running after the catch or making an aggressive catch. Quarterbacks can do a touch pass when you tap the receiver twice. When throwing the ball, you can choose between throwing high or low. These changes are minor, anyway, and easy to learn within a day or two.

Connected Franchise lets you make your career as a player, a coach or a team owner, and each of this ways offers long ongoing competition against AI or online opponents. As you reach your goals, your level grows.

The new mode introduced in NFL 16 is Draft Champions. You start the game with a 15-round draft, selecting one of three players proposed for each position. After the draft, you have your own team to play against an AI or a real opponent online.

Maybe it’s no news for NFL 18 players, but this was a thing to discover back in 2015.

Controls: 4

Quite standard for PS, the game is controlled with DUALSHOCK 3 or 4, and the control system is quite what it used to be. The developers did their best for you not to learn commands by hard, but to start right off when you take your controller.

Replay Value: 4

Like in most sporting games, you’ll have to keep playing not to lose your grip. You can draft as many teams as you like (though they may have the same players on the roster), and your opponents are various even controlled by AI, let alone playing online.


A great game of its time, NFL 16 is the best you can get on your PS3. But it doesn’t uncover the potential of PS4 like its followers do. Anyway, it’s a good football simulator of the official franchise, and even if you have joined the club later, you may have a game or two to rate the progress.


For those still playing on PS3 Madden NFL 2016 is the best football experience available; for newer consoles users it may look obsolete and be of historical interest only.

Pros : PS3 compatible
The best graphics possible for that generation of hardware
Licensed representation of NFL and NFLPA members

Cons : Graphics stuck to PS3 and thus not so great as it could have been

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 5.0

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 4.0

Average : 4.4

Everyone enjoy playing this game
Everyone recommends to play it!

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