Poly Bridge

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  • Release date: 12/14/2017
  • Developer: Dry Cactus Limited
  • Publisher: Dry Cactus Limited
  • Genre: SimulationPuzzleMisc
  • Content rating: ESRB E
  • Features: 1 player

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Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge

Dry Cactus Limited
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Poly Bridge Game Review

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Professional Review

Is building bridges fun? In Poly Bridge it certainly is. A physical puzzle of “was-a-time” sort, but some things are eternal, like logic and calculating. Build your bridges so vehicles can cross the abyss!

Graphics: 4.5

What do you expect from the game with a name that starts with “Poly”? Yes, it looks very polygonal, it’s made of it like Minecraft is made of cubes, and it’s not ashamed at all. Being rather conventional and primitive (like most physical puzzles), Poly Bridge has all it takes to make your mission clear and to complete it.

Materials you use are quite distinguishable, the critical points of the bridge you build can be seen, and the scenes of testing look attractive even being obviously drawn with no trace of photorealism. That’s just not the kind of game to require anything more. And by the way, it looks excellent on the Nintendo Switch screen.

Gameplay: 4.5

So we already know that this game is about building bridges of what you’ve got. First, you go through a small tutorial telling you how to build. There are control points you connect with some material (asphalt, wood, ropes and so on). Each level has its additional conditions. For example, there may be ships sailing underneath the bridge, so you can’t base it on stands. Sometimes you’re short of materials, so you need to invent the way to use just as much of them as you can.

The deeper you explore it, the more you know about how different bridge types are compatible with different types of vehicles. You don’t have to just build a bridge; you need to get the vehicle to the other side, and the bridge is just a method. The game lacks some explanation outside the tutorial, so there’ll be a lot of trial and error.

This game can be played in casual mode (whenever you find five minutes for a level) or consciously, with hours of deep considering each move.

Controls: 4

Poly Bridge is one of the rare games that offers a completely new control system after its update in January 2018. First, the player had to use the gyroscope and thus to move the device around. But this method was totally imperfect, and in the update, it was removed.

Still, Poly Bridge offers three control methods: either with dual Joy-cons, with the external controller or via the touchscreen. You can switch between them any time you like, if tired of the method you’ve used before.

Replay Value: 2

If you’ve gone far enough to forget first levels completely, you may find some fun in starting over. But there’s no reason to unless it was a program failure.


Nintendo Switch offers a good funny game that involves your brain more than your reflexes. A simple base with a lot to build upon, modest graphics and a lot of fantasy. Maybe real bridges are not built like that, but good games certainly are.



A good bridge building puzzle for all ages, with elaborate mechanics, and so attractive that we never mind arcade-type graphics, and some even love this style.

Pros : A rare kind of physical logical game
Online features
Different options of controls
Sandbox mode

Cons : No explanation for elements introduced on further levels
Buggy gyroscope controls (if you haven’t installed the 2018 update)

Graphics 4.5

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 2.0

Average : 3.8

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