Blackjack 21

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  • Release date: 6/23/2016
  • Developer: Skunk Software
  • Publisher: Skunk Software
  • Genre: Simulation
  • Content rating: ESRB T
  • Features: 1 player

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Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21

Skunk Software
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Blackjack 21 Game Review

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Professional Review

Since a card deck was invented, it gave life to plenty of games, and it still does. Some of them become classics (like Blackjack), and now they even don’t require a physical deck. Playing it on powerful devices like Wii U seems a waste of resource, if you look this way. But when you think of the atmosphere that surrounds card games in casinos, it all starts to make sense.

Graphics: 4

If you’re playing a card deck in the backyard with your friends, it doesn’t matter if the deck is brand new or old and shabby; it does its job anyway. But if a casino owner sees it, a dealer will search for a new job that very day. So, if you emulate a casino, make sure everything about your game is new, clean and shiny.

Alas, it’s not the case with Blackjack 21. Though the cards are made alright, the rest seems half-baked. Image quality is insufficient for large screens, and the music is dull. The voices of both player and dealer make no fun too. In fact, cards are the only decent part of how the game is made.

Gameplay: 4.5

If you have never played blackjack, you’ll make it out in several minutes. You play against the dealer, and in the beginning, you both have two cards. Any card has an assigned value (2 through 10 are worth their value, jack, queen or king stand for 10, and the ace is 11). Your goal is to collect the card that makes 21 together, or approach this number from below, but not exceed it. If neither of you reaches or exceeds 21, the higher hand wins.

Both of the cars you get initially are hidden from the dealer, while one of the dealer’s cards is exposed. You can ask for more cars (hit) or keep from it (stand). The rest depends both on strategy and on luck, and it seems that these two are balanced well here.

These general rules are adjusted casino-style, so they fit the design better. The developer intendedly made it a casino game, so large screens and graphics enrich the sensation (though they could do better).

Controls: 4

It just takes the touchscreen of the controller to perform all the actions. Proper logical controls can also be noted as “well done.” Sometimes it even feels right to feel your finger slide upon the screen like it’s a real card.

Even if you’re new to it, you’ll make it out even faster than the rules of the game. It just takes some adjustment and getting used to Wii U manner of dealing with two screens.

Replay Value: 5

Card games are eternal. Applied combinatorics assures that even a regular deck offers more combinations that you can try in your whole life. As well it concerns digital representations. So if you really like blackjack, you can play it endlessly.

The only danger to this game is that you may give up its platform for something newer or more portable (like your smartphone). And again, alas, the developers made the game but not the experience.


This game is just Blackjack, nothing more and nothing less. The problem is it doesn’t take a powerful console to play just a regular card game, with no story and no atmosphere behind it. You may as well find one for your smartphone. Unless you want your own Wii, with blackjack.



It would have been a great experience if the developers paid more attention to details that form the atmosphere, and now it’s yet another card game.

Pros : Good representation of casino blackjack rules
Decent balance of luck and skill

Cons : Nothing more than that
Halfmade graphics

Graphics 4.0

Gameplay 4.5

Controls 4.0

Replay Value 5.0

Average : 4.4

Everyone enjoy playing this game
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